Thursday, 14 October 2010

Angry Birds

Right. No recent posts because I didn't have my new webcam.
Guess what came in this morning..


It's addicting. It's Fun. It's Free.


Thursday, 7 October 2010


Price: FREE
Add-ons: Range from £1.80 to £5

So, first i want to say sorry for no word or review recently, had very little sleep and a load of work, so, back to the review.

Cardiotrainer is a free application which works with GPS to calculate your work out and predict how many calories you've burnt. Now, i can't plea for how accurate it is when it's down to calories burnt, because, I have no way of calculating whether it's right or wrong.

HOWEVER, what i can comment on is the amazingly accurate routes and work out schemes available, I skate a lot, and this application even has a skating setting getting from A to B. it has everything from cycling to skiing to kayaking!

I mean you can MEASURE the work out over a god damn lake. How cool is that?!

It also has indoor sports like, a treadmill run, or Pilates, or Yoga.

The customisation on this is truly brilliant and would have won me over with just that.

But hell no, it also shows you your old workouts, with distance in KM, average km/ph the calories burnt and the route taken!

The BEST workout app out there. 5/5

(I will test the add ons at a later date)

TL;DR 5/5 GREAT customisation and features, if you need an exercise app. Get this,

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blogger droid.

Price: FREE
So, i'm doing this on my break from work, On this app, Blogger-droid, extreemly simple interface, but not too many features, all you can do is post to your own blog. It also has the handy ability to allow you to import pictures and videos, which I will try now...

FAIL. Doesn't work on the Dell Streak, if anyone else wants to try and report back it'd be handy, :)

So, if you need an app to update on the go, this is a free, simple, app. However it does lack features like adsense, or checking comments.

A recommend for simple posting, but not for anything else app related.

6/10 - Needs more (working) features.

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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Gentle Alarm

Cost: Trial or €1.99

Right, this is my alarm, and i've been using it for a couple of months, I gotta say, this is ,my favourite app on my phone, so I decided to use it first.

What is 'Gentle' alarm?

Basically, the idea of the app is to create a sophisticated alarm system, which will try and wake you, say, 10-20 minutes before your planed wakening (you can change th amount of time) with a quieter alarm (noise of yoru choice)

If this alarm wakes you, you have awoken from a light sleep, which, is more productive than being woken from a deep sleep.


  • €1.99
  • Tries and wakes you at helpful times
  • Can program systems for wakening earlier/on set days
I'm not sure what to add, it may not be the fanciest app, but it does the job of an alarm very well.


Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dell Streak vs Jeans

For everyone who wanted to know how big the phone is...

Another Blog About Android

Seeing as my politics blog has hit off, and become quite successful, I decided i might as well make a blog which may appeal to many more people, so here is another Android blog, soseeing as this i sthe first post i wont review anything yet, instead i'll discuss which phone I have :)

So this is my phone, the android Dell Streak

The amount of jokes about it being a brick or a "floor tile" even is HUGE. So yes, it is a big phone, about 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, with a 5 inch screen, (the size of the actual phone is me estimating, i've lost my ruler)

Anyway, all reviews will be tested with this phone, hope that you all enjoy this blog :)